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They used to call this a menstrual regulator. Today, almost everyone calls it menstruation. As a child, when your family was saying menstruation, the whole body used to shrink. It was a word no one liked to hear.” I’m crappy,” too. Actually, use this phrase to describe the days of bleeding so easily. Later, you will hear countless sentences that said, jokingly with seriousness, “she’s nervous, she’s on her period, we won’t go near her. “Socially, this whole thing sounds so dirty and unpleasant and they really want to get away from it. A not-so-pleasant experience for a teenage girl at the beginning of her female career and these are good enough reasons to give up the word menstruation and read in a more familiar and easier-to-digest word that belongs to the process – menstruation.

The word Menstruation

It speaks of the days of bleeding themselves. It means menstruation. She comes to regulate the cycle that ends and starts over. Adjusts and reconfigures the body. Regulation is not only physiological but also sensory, mental, mental, and spiritual. As in the rest of the cycle (the word “cycle” speaks of the wider context which has many repetitive elements that also contain menstruation.

Why is the first menstruation so significant?

Once we’ve arranged the concepts. Do you know what the bleeding is? Does your daughter know what the bleeding is?

The blood that comes out of the uterus every month is a blood mucosa that has shredded the uterus to create a new life in it, in the cyclical process, when the body realizes that there was no fertilization, the secretion of the specific hormone ends and the blood mucosa comes out. The body re-regulates itself to start a new cycle with the help of the hormones secreted in it.The blood that comes out is clean, nutritious, good blood, and not dirty blood, not a wound or poison that the body is trying to cleanse from.

She says you’re entering your adulthood

The bleeding tells the female body carriers that the female body is working properly and that the girl is fertile and ripe to have a baby in the future. The first menstruation tells you that you are entering a feminine and festive world that herald’s maturity and fertility.

Receive the information

Most of them are nervous to be surprised, a little scared and only a few expect him to come. Most of them did some kind of preparation at school with the counselor. Some heard from friends and some heard from mom. A lot of girls don’t feel comfortable talking to mom about it, even with mom talking to them a little bit. Most girls feel comfortable talking to their friends.

What’re most of them said they’d go to mom when they got their first period

Most of the 70% of girls said no and if they have already heard, do not really want to participate because it is embarrassing, or alternatively that they do not make interest in the cycle and therefore there is no need for a ceremony. You are interested to know if the mothers shared their first period with the girls. 50% of the centuries mostly told technical things like what age they received and what they did. A few of them told how they felt.

50% didn’t share with their daughters at all

At the end of the survey, invited them to add what they wanted to say. Few wrote, but those who answered asked for a place where you could talk about all this, share and get answers. They seem not thirsty for technical knowledge but for a place where one cannot be ashamed, ask questions, share, tell and really feel that everything is fine with them and they are not alone in this confusion. Take your first-period quiz at when will my first period come quiz.


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