Revolutionizing the World of Gaming with Pokémon Go

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Who does not love to play games? The excitement upon unlocking levels and winning prizes is truly joyful and thrilling! Gaming is a fun-filled hobby found not just in kids and teens, but also in adults too. The power it has in captivating your gaze for hours together is something that is very mesmerizing. It does not just keep you engaged, but also leaves you wanting to play more of it. There is a vast ocean of games that is available today in the market, both in the forms of online games as well as board games, and this article will mainly focus on the famous online game, ‘Pokémon Go’. 

Gaming – An Evolution

Before we dive into gaming in today’s super-fast technology, it is important to understand how we reached where we reached.

The first recognized game machine was unveiled in the 1940s and three decades later came the first game system in 1967 called “Brown Box”. After this came the concept of in-house gaming called arcade, with the release of electro-mechanical games. From the 1970s on, electronic video games such as pong and multiplayer games were coming into existence and were in high demand. People had to go to restaurants and arcades and spend money to play games.

In this era, with the invention of phones, we can see how convenient gaming has become. From playing games like the standard snake game on our button phones to highly well-developed ones like Pokémon Go on our smartphones, gaming has evolved a long way. The next level of this evolution is currently in progress with the virtual reality and the metaverse slowly making their way into today’s markets.

What is Pokémon Go?

Having just read about the advancement in the gaming industry, one such game that contributes to the same is the Pokémon Go. This game was released in the year 2016, making its biggest entry into mobile space. This is an augmented reality mobile game formed by the Pokémon franchise in collaboration with a well-known company, Nintendo. What differentiates it from other mobile games is that it uses your phone’s GPS to detect your surroundings and makes you chase and catch the Pokémons that appear around you. As you keep moving around, more types of these will appear. This was an attempt to inculcate some physical exercise in people alongside enjoying the comfort of mobile gaming. 

Limitations on the number of accounts

According to Nintendo and Niantic, you are officially allowed to have only one account per device. This basically is to encourage only one account per user because owning more than one account is considered a form of cheating. However, there have been many debates regarding this matter leading to a frequently asked question – 

Is it possible to have 2 Pokémon go accounts on one phone?

According to the creators of the game, having multiple accounts on one phone or device is strictly not allowed and considered against the rule due to the unfair advantage it would have. But what is allowed, is using multiple devices to play Pokémon Go, although its simultaneous usage is still unclear. 

To conclude, Pokémon Go is a game gaining fame over the past few years and attracting lots of kids and adults with its attractive characters and features involving physical activity. However exciting it may be, trying to have 2 pokemon go accounts on one phone can lead to being banned from the game by Nintendo, making it inadvisable to do so. Hence, before playing this game, it is necessary to go through the rules of the game and uphold them to enjoy it to the fullest!


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