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With the growth of the digital age, social media has completely taken over the world. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc have reached their peak in the competition for fame. Everyone wants to get famous overnight. They wish to be recognized and validate themselves through merely a web page. It’s fascinating how social media can be a profession too. Social media influencers have been increasing in number greatly. They advertise for people and engage in creating content and digital marketing.

 Instagram bags itself with 1.33 billion active users worldwide, 247 million users are from India alone. Twitter, currently has 229 million users running on its account, while YouTube has more than 2 billion users including both content creators and viewers. Then comes the giant fish- “Facebook” with 2.85 billion users worldwide stands first in the most used social media platforms in the world. It is simply a sensation.

 Have you ever wondered what those companies gain from growing users? They do gain popularity among the public for sure, but they earn revenue too. High usage of the page gives high awareness to the public. Web pages with high traffic can be an excellent site to advertise. A bunch of different businesses can approach the companies to advertise themselves on the web platform. Those businesses will pay social media for the ads.

Why buy likes?

A great number of likes and followers increase your fame. Your content is better exposed to the public. A large number of followers and likes increase traffic to your page. The algorithm automatically puts your content on the suggestions of your follower’s friends too. Usually, it takes a lot of time to gather followers and likes. A low number of likes doesn’t favor the viewers into following you. For most users, the more likes you have, the more likable you are. There are a bunch of websites that are willing to sell likes, followers, and subscribers, across various platforms. For someone interested in making a career out of social media, buy likes (Likes kaufen) and followers is a great investment. However, purchasing followers just for personal satisfaction while producing no content is simply a waste of time and effort. Pages with almost no content with a huge number of followers make people lose trust in you and may end up ghosting your page as non-existent.

The positivity of social media:

Social media can be a blessing for small start-ups. Small-term businesses can gain popularity by developing their social media platforms. With an increased number of followers and likes, they will find recognition and will be exposed to more opportunities and sponsors/funds. Other than just in monetary terms, social media can be a boon for seeking help too. Many times, in real life we fail to share our struggles with our close ones, yet sometimes a stranger on the other side of the world on the internet might become our good friend while listening to our rants. Social media can also be a place to find emotional comfort.

The negativity of social media:

Social media is often referred to as a devil in disguise. As much as a positive influence can bring in our lives, the same or greater amount of negative influence comes along. The Internet can be stressful, it may open the door for countless mental disorders like anxiety, depression, stress, etc. socials may force us into living a fake life. It keeps us away from real-life standards. One should always remember that socials are different from reality. The hate on the internet is just pathetic people ranting. Socials can also be addicting so, it’s better to keep their usage limit in check.


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