Among the Stars in the Sky

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We have heard this in movies and shows many times about naming a star after your loved one. Certainly, many of us dream of having one before we eventually die but have you ever wondered whether it is true and if yes up to what extent?. Technology has evolved over years and we can say that it is partially true. Many commercial firms claim this but you need to be very careful in the process as most of them use this as an opportunity for their benefit and you will end up losing money.

Can you name a star?

Well, the answer is yes and no, some services let you name a star in the sky after a loved one. You can commemorate a special day or life of an amazing person. It will not be fair to call them scams but we can say that the names are not legally binding nor are they in any way recognized by the astronomical community. The only group that can legally name a star is the International Astronomical Union (IAU). For over a century, the IAU has been the ultimate authority on the names and designations of stars, along with other celestial bodies. Star names can be inherited from an ancient language like Greek, Latin, or Arabic, they might be named after an influential astronomer. Most of the stars get a designation in a catalog, they are just known by strings of numbers and letters, you read about millions of them in databases. The IAU disclaims the groups selling star-naming rights.

Why stars are named after numbers?

There is a logical answer to this with hundreds of millions of known stars astronomers need some way to find the star again in the course of their work. This way the astronomers and researchers find it helpful for studying stars so it is necessary.

Why you should avoid buying one?

You can buy a name of a star but it would only be recognized in the registry by whatever swindlers persuaded your money away from you that means if some other registry sold that same star naming rights to someone else then they will recognize it as such and no scientific organization will ever recognize it. It’s just that the star’s name is and will be real to you. But it is not illegal as some sites make it very clear that the naming isn’t official and is not recognized by the scientific community. It’s a scam as they are playing with the emotions of people who love someone and they do this out of love for their beloved whether it is a family member or anyone, hoping that something meaningful to them will last for eternity.

By now you must have got a clear idea that it is not worth spending money on these sites by purchasing a star that will only be recognized by a certain registry unless it is sold again by some other. Instead, you can do something that would be more meaningful and will express your love to that particular person but if you still want to buy one then first check out the reviews of the site and the terms and conditions so that later on you don’t regret it. Do proper research if you don’t want to be scammed by a certain agency as many are just waiting for your one move to go wrong, they are sitting to fill up their pockets but there are some genuine ones too but all they do is provide you with a certificate. You can check out a website called but be careful while trusting any.


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