Why Should You Try Out Hogwarts House Quiz?

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How many of you have read the legendary novel series harry potter? You might have got to know about the miseries the author, J K rowling, had in her writing career for releasing the same. When it was titled in all kids store, not just kids the people of all ages started to read it and loved it. The movie series released also was a big success. Since you have started reading potter stories, you might have also wished for becoming harry, potter. A kid with extraordinary skills and possessing magic skills. Getting an invitation to one university that is too famous for the people who are extremely talented and unique!

Sorting Into Houses Game

Ever since Potterheads started a community, the Hogwarts house quiz got special attention in every event. The quiz any Potterhead dying to play! So tell me, which is your favourite house? There are mainly four houses. The houses that are differed by personalities and certain qualities. They are:

  • Gryffindor
  • Slytherin
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw

So it is based on you, yourself, you are sorted into a house. So starting with Gryffindor, it is for those who have that courage, bravery, chivalry, and nerve. And that is how harry potter was sorted into Gryffindor by Hogwarts sorting hat. At the same time, the Slytherin community does have different qualities. They are cunning, leadership, ambition, and resourcefulness. Slytherin students will be found the same in every competition. They will take any step for winning. That is how the head of the house snape is characterized as a bad one. Hufflepuff is called to be the greatest house among the four. They possess hardworking, justice, loyalty, and patience-like qualities. They won’t replace their responsibilities or won’t give up on the same. The last but not least, the house is Ravenclaw. They possess intelligence, learning, wit, and wisdom qualities.

So you see, all these four houses do possess unique nature. And of course, you will belong to any of the houses too. So who is ready for the Hogwarts house quiz now?

So Let Us Quiz That Out!

The Hogwarts house quiz can help you find the house you belong to! Do you love the change? Just because you got a house today doesn’t mean that you will be sorted into the same house after ten years. Yes, we all are vulnerable to changes. And it is for the good changes that we are sorted into houses. But, just like you have already seen that all those houses have particular qualities, you might change with time too. So you will be changing the house. And this is the best part of the quiz. It can be re-taken.

You may be wondering that why you are sorted into two houses. It happens that way too. If you are taking the quiz two-three times with a break and a clear mind, you can notice this. You can be a griffinpuff or slitherclaw. A combination like that happens when you possess few qualities in each of those houses. So it means that being part of one house doesn’t mean that you cannot join others. Because it is all about growth. And growth is all about finding new and exploring new. It can be made a reality only if you are working hard enough too.

What Does Belonging To Each House Will Feel Like For You?

It is already 2021, and when you noticed, the generation has become braver in their studies and are focused on permanent careers. But while focusing on their career, they are also involved in extracurricular activities. It is just the same as what happens when you are in a Hogwarts house. Time will demand the change. And the change will demand to change the house. And that is how Hogwarts house quiz can help you!

So try with this quiz to find your house. Though it is considered one fantasy novel, it has a lot to do with your real life. Of course, you may not be becoming that harry potter who has magical skills. But certainly, there are many things you can admire from each of the characters in the harry potter series. And, surely, these will influence your life a lot.


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