Why Should You Choose A Tandem Kayak?

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So you have finally decided on the kayaking trip that you have been planning on for days. Congratulations for at least clearing that part. But now, there is a huge question as to whether you should opt for a tandem kayak or a single boat kayak. Since you and your partner have finally decided to give kayaking a shot, and now that you face this dilemma, you don’t need to worry about anything now unnecessarily. 

This article will find why a tandem kayak is better, the benefits of kayaking in a tandem kayak, and the advantages of fishing in a tandem kayak and romance. So sit back, sip something hot and read the article first before deciding whether to buy a tandem kayak or a simple kayak. 

Why should you go for a tandem kayaks?

Everything’s better when there is a buddy with you. Humans are social animals, and we love company (unless you are an introvert). This is where the tandem kayak comes in. First, you need to understand that this kayak is a double kayak attached, and thus it’s the perfect couple boat. Unfortunately, it is not called a “friendship”, although the name sounds perfect. 

Fishing in a tandem kayak

One of the most beautiful advantages of kayaking is fishing. And fishing in a tandem kayak is heavenly if you know all the benefits of this boat. Given below are certain benefits of fishing in the tandem kayak. The benefits are given as points below. These points are as follows:

1. Fishes get scared away when it comes to noise and movement. A tandem kayak is much quieter and stays stable on the surface. 

2. It is cheaper and thus more desirable financially.

3. Since it is a two-man kayak, it is quite broader and has plenty of space. 

4. You don’t even have to pay for gas as the boat works on your physical strength. 

5. Although being broader, it is much more efficient and manoeuvrable than any electric or motor board. This makes it quite efficient when it comes to fishing. 

Which kayak should I choose? 

Having a tandem kayak not only eases up the kayaking experience it also adds to the fun! It is designed for couples and friends who want to travel the world together. But, of course, you can take your family or your kids to the water too. Also, you can even teach someone to kayak on this boat.

Professional guides for tourists and tourist locations for kayaking always provide a kayak that is a single boat. But if you are new to this experience, you can request a tandem kayak, and an instructor would join you for a ride. 

If a kayak is great for fishing, then it is great for rafting and everything in the water. When it comes to the best tandem kayak out there, you need to make sure that the kayaks check out the points mentioned below. These points are as follows:

1. The tandem kayak should at least hold up to 450 or 500 pounds. 

2. It could be paddled solo, too, if at all a situation arises. 

3. It should have at least four decks and two-rod holders. 

4. The seats should be interchangeable and should work on both sides, i.e. facing each other and in line. 

5. There should be an easy to open box in the centre or space to utilize your fishes and stuff. 

Love is in the air

What would be more romantic than you and your partner lazily floating down the stream, chatting about life and stars? You don’t need even to read all this stuff as you realize yourself as to how this beautifies your relationship. The most important thing in a relationship is communication. So when it comes to a tandem kayak in the middle of the water, you have ample quiet time, space and opportunity.

Also, a tip here, please don’t let your first date be a kayak trip. When it comes to kayaking, your hearts need to be in sync to make sure that you paddle smoothly. If this doesn’t happen, a blame game starts where you both blame each other for not being in sync. 


So whichever kayak you choose and decide on, and whatever you do with it, whether it is a tandem kayak or a simple kayak, have fun! Kayaking is all about the little moments that would happen. If you loved this article, please comment your thoughts below.


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