What To Know Before Buying Lga 1150 CPU?

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These are the days when new interesting inventions are taking place every day, technology and science, in particular, have excelled to a great height. There was a time when computers were built to the size of a room and vacuum tubes were used in them, it became small by time and incorporated transistors in the CPU’s empowering the efficiency of the set. After many decades, integrated circuits replaced the large chipset and became relevant, and these circuits contain thousands of circuits inside. The technology moved to microprocessors, and to date they are being used in CPU to perform operations and calculations. 

Many chipsets were designed after that, these days most common and useful thing in the PC is our processor, everything depends on it, it is the sole of our computer, the speed of execution of a program to decoding of program files everything is based on how fast the processor is. They come with many different names depending upon their generation and their cores. The lga 1150 socket is one thing which should be noted here, these sockets when combined with the suitable processor is called lga 1150 cpu, isn’t this simple? Let’s get to know what exactly this CPU is?

What is the lga 1150 CPU?

It is a three-pin socket embedded at the bottom of the motherboard. It is known that everything is operated through the motherboard’s panel, and the processor is the heart of it. These pins are so made that the processor chip could sink in and give the best fit. Many robust processors have the skill set to fit in, like the I7 and Xeon Intel processors. These sockets are also called “H3 sockets” and are widely used throughout the globe.

One can easily buy the lga 1150 cpu from the electronic market, but as the features improve, the price also increases. The reason why one needs to know exactly which CPU one has to buy to save on extra cost.

Let’s talk about some things one should consider considering while buying a CPU for themselves.

Some features

Number of Cores: The cores represent the task-doing capability of the system. The more cores a CPU will have more task at the same time will the CPU perform. CPU bought must have a good number of cores which improves the multitasking ability to perform tasks.

Generation: Obviously, the newer generation can run faster compared to the older ones. This is mainly because of the building structure and the machinery and chipset used. Newer circuits are equipped with more frequency and a faster rate of transfer of information.

Clocking Speed: The measurement of how accurately and frequently a processor does the task is termed clock speed, and it is an important aspect one should always consider while buying a CPU.

UHD Int Graphics: A CPU with a nice set of graphics will enhance the multimedia and gaming experience.

Low Heat: CPU generating lesser heat will work for more time and be optimally utilized.

It is very important to look over these aspects before investing money in your CPU, and one must buy a lga 1150 cpu according to their need. If someone does not have hardcore work to do, they must buy a simple processor rather than buying a heavily priced processor.


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