Revolutionizing the Way of Consuming Drugs: Subohm Pod Vape

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Vaping has been gaining popularity among people. It is a term in widespread use. It has become an alternative and less risky method of consuming tobacco, marijuana, or other drugs. Sub-ohm vaping is particularly famous among vapers. You must have heard this term from around you; the chances of knowing about it are low unless you are a vaper. So let’s get to know what exactly sub-ohm vaping is. It is vaping with a device whose coil has a resistance of less than one Ohm. Anything above 1-ohm resistance is above-ohm vaping. Recently, this kind of vaping has been spreading rapidly among vapers. Sub-ohm pod vapes are the new modern things to consume any drug.

Properties of Sub-ohm pod vape

Because the resistance of such vapes is so low, the power is larger. The electrical output flowing through the device increase. The thing that it does is to increase the thickness of the clouds. Many sub-ohm pod vapes of higher power are available in the market. This device works on the principle of Ohm’s law and Joule’s heating effect. As the battery has a fixed voltage, the power can only be increased by lowering the resistance.

Pros of sub-ohm vaping

As this kind of vaping is widely gaining attention, there must be some pros that draw subohm pod vape towards it. Those are:

  • First and foremost is producing the thick and large amount of smoke and vapors that it produces. This takes your vaping experience to another level.
  • As the number of vapors you are inhaling increases, the flavor also tends to get richer. There is increased flavor than in the above-ohm kind of vaping.
  • Due to its high power, the liquid gets heated, which results in warm vapors. Some might prefer the warm vapor as opposed to what the normal regular vaping devices do.
  • As you are inhaling many vapors in one go, the amount of nicotine entering your body also increases, which can leave you more satisfied than usual.

Cons of using a sub-ohm pod vape

There are some drawbacks of sub-ohm vaping.

  • It is not appropriate for beginner vapers due to the large vape produced.
  • This vaping consumes more power than what is required in standard vapes so that the battery can drain quickly.
  • The amount of liquid it changes into vapors is more than in other forms, so the liquid will not be used for a long time. That makes this expensive in the long run.
  • You can’t do sub-ohm vaping in public or around crowds due to the thick clouds it produces, which may annoy someone in your vicinity.
  • The coil also burns more rapidly and needs quick replacing from time to time.

Sub-ohm vaping is fast growing and is widely spreading. Seeing its rising demand in recent times, it can be said that sub-ohm pod vapes aren’t going anywhere for soon. This is responsible for various sub-ohm pod vapes kits in the market. If you want to give it a try, make sure you get the one suitable for you with all the right equipment.


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