Is baby shampoo safe for dogs?

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The gentleness of a vet’s advice on baby shampoo for dogs is deceiving. The idea that a baby shampoo would be safer for your dog than a premium dog shampoo is a misconception. Baby shampoo and other human shampoos may hurt your dog’s skin if used regularly.

Dog using human shampoo.

Your dog’s coat and skin may be harmed by using human shampoo, even though it may appear like a friendly alternative. Dogs and humans have distinct skin types, which necessitates the use of various shampoos to get the best results.

The pH levels of human and canine skin are vastly different (acidity). The pH range of human skin is between 4.8 and 6.0. With a pH of 5.5 to 8.0, the skin of dogs is more alkaline or basic. Unlike human shampoos, canine shampoos are pH-balanced to function effectively on alkaline skin. The pH of your dog’s skin might be significantly impacted if you use human shampoo on your pet.

Unlike humans, dogs have a thinner coat of skin. The epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer, is thought to be 15-30 cells thick. The epidermis of dogs, on the other hand, is only three to five cells thick. Many items that are well-tolerated on human skin may have more serious side effects on dogs because of their thin skin.

Is it okay for dogs to use baby shampoo?

A lot of people believe that since baby shampoos have fewer chemicals and fewer scents, they are gentler than human shampoos. However, they are still supposed to be used on human skin – thick skin with an acidic pH is the ideal use. Consequently, even a baby shampoo that seems to be mild on a dog’s skin might be tougher than high-quality dog shampoo. Avoid using baby shampoo regularly in dogs, and instead, use a pH-balanced dog shampoo.

Dog shampoos that are safe for pets

For one-time use, other human shampoos are OK but select one with the fewest ingredients as you can. As an additional precaution, you should steer clear of perfumes that are too strong for your dog’s great sense of smell. Using human shampoo on your dog more than once may create irritation and other problems, so just use it once.

Dish soap may also be used as a one-time substitute for dog shampoo. In comparison to shampoo and soap for human skin, dish soap has a much higher pH level. You may have noticed how drying dish soap and related things are for your hands. When it comes to cleaning your dog’s skin, dish soap is considerably closer in pH to that of canine skin than dog shampoo.

Don’t use it too often since it’s abrasive and doesn’t include any conditioners, which means it will remove your dog’s skin oils. If applied often, this might irritate their skin and lead to sores. Make sure to select a dishwasher detergent that doesn’t include a lot of extra ingredients, such as a foaming degreasing agent or a rinse aid, since these might irritate your dog’s skin.

How to choose the finest dog shampoo

Make sure you’re using dog shampoo while washing your pet. For dogs with skin problems, such as allergies, the veterinarian may prescribe a prescription shampoo that is designed to address the problem and prevent it from recurring in the future. Routine bathing may be accomplished with any over-the-counter dog shampoo for the majority of healthy dogs.


No matter how tempting it may seem, it is better to avoid using baby shampoo on your dog if at all possible. Human shampoo not only lacks a pH balance suitable for dogs, but it is also often excessively abrasive for a dog’s delicate skin. The ideal dog shampoo for your dog’s skin and coat may be determined by consulting with your veterinarian.


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