How to find what Hogwarts house am I in?

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Ever since the legend fantasy series of novels written by J. K Rowling came as film series, Harry Potter and Hogwarts are in every celebrity session. Within the Hogwarts campus, the students are categorized into houses.

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Slytherin
  • Ravenclaw

Gryffindor was the house Harry potter belonged to. So tell me do you have the question, what Hogwarts house am I in? Well, it is tricky. Because within Hogwarts every year when first-year students arrive, the sorting was done by Hogwarts sorting hat. However, each house has got some common personalities. So being a potter head, do you want to get sorted too?

Getting Started To Sort Into Houses

To get sorted into particular houses, you need to have particular personalities. And yes, the Hogwarts sorting hat does determine that when the hat is kept on your head. Hufflepuff is the best and most misunderstood house in the harry potter novel among these four houses known so far. At the same time, Gryffindor considered being the rarest. As you can see, no one is better than the other. Because everyone did possess a particular personality. And sorted based on their interests and taste. The most thing taken into consideration was their innate ability.

The Dream Of Invitation To Hogwarts

Though harry potter is a fantasy of the author J. K Rowling, we all did have dreamt of joining Hogwarts. Just like in the movie, you might have also wished for getting an owl as an invitation. And most of us would be knowing every particular event within the novel. And that is why you and I are called Potterheads.

So that is why you can get to know which house you have belonged to! But, unfortunately, because of some mix in the ministry of magic, many letters and invitations might have got lost in the way. So get ready to get sorted with the Hogwarts quiz. Finally, your question, what Hogwarts house am I in is going to get answered soon.

Even when we don’t understand the reasoning behind the sorting session, we must know something else very important! What is that? Your true destination it is. How does the hat base the decision for sorting? It analyzes these three qualities:

  • Potential
  • Values
  • Personality

The Godric’s hat might be a fantasy. But don’t you think it has an application in real life too? So let us check some deep thinking on that.

How Can Sorting Help You Become Better?

How many times in your life had you asked this question, which Hogwarts house am I in? Of course, being a Potterhead, you might have asked this question a lot of times yourself. Whatever it is, be it education, be it playing sports, anything you do in your life does have a purpose or goal. And yes, your life too has got a purpose. So belonging to a group of people of your interests will help you reach the destination within less time. And Hogwarts helped the students defend themselves from the evil with magic. Practising magic spell let them become unique from the outer world. Though they are humans, they became unique with their skills.

Why should you know?

The replica of real life. People with skills are in high demand. And you should not be in the mentality of stopping to learn any time as well. It is all about upskilling. By the time you are sorted into a particular group, you are changed. Changed with the environment, changed with the people around and with life challenges. Your life as a kid and teenager has got a lot of difference, right? And such a change will be drastically happening to you in no time. In my opinion, the best age to challenge yourself is childhood. Because you will always be remembering the bravery and victory you had as a kid, and it will influence your entire life throughout. Even if it is a failure, kids don’t give up that fast when compared to teenagers.

So sharing virtues with the kids must be the first step. And also, keep in mind that there is no age specification to decide to be good and productive. To start something, what you should have is the willpower to achieve it.


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