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The fan base for coffee is a unique and vast one. The number of coffee drinkers all over the world is astounding. Even though many different reviews and articles have been published pointing out the negative health benefits coffee could have, people, seem to be not bothered by it. Coffee drinkers are still present at large.

There has been several coffee blogs and online websites to bring the best quality coffee to your doorstep. To understand the flavours and brewing is to understand the very essence of coffee.

History and thereon

Like other beverages, coffee also has a rich cultural background. The traditional coffee made with coffee beans has come a long way now. The many flavours available in coffee, with different intensity to meet your desire is like a blessing from the heavens. Despite the many backlashes against the effect of coffee on the human body, the advantages are far too much to ignore.

  • Energy: Let us be real. the main reason every overworked student or professional rely on coffee is to stay awake for a longer duration. It keeps sleep away for a long hour and gives you the much-needed energy to complete your thesis or work on time. Caffeine is a boon to all these stressed individuals.
  • Better sugar levels: Caffeine has been proved to improve blood sugar levels when taken in a controlled quantity. It can benefit sugar patients to an extent. But then again, they should take their coffee without sugar, of course.
  • Strong genes: Coffee has compounds that can make your nucleotide strands in the DNA strong. They do not break easily. This can prevent several diseases associated with damage to gene sequences, even cancer and tumours.


Coffee is a frequently consumed drink. But when in excess amounts, it may cause side effects, like any other substance. In females, excess coffee may cause irregular periods, conditions like PCOD may be elevated. Their menstrual cycle can be affected by caffeine. So, if you want to regularly drink coffee, choose one that is of less intensity so that it will not harm you much. Coffee is a great reliever of stress, but it is said it causes anxiety as well when continuously ingested. When you keep your body awake for longer durations, the required amount of sleep is not received by it. The body needs sleep and rest. When it is not provided at moderate levels, it is bound to have repercussions in the form of tiredness, anxiety, stress and so on.

Healthy coffee recipes can incorporate other elements like milk, pumpkin spice, vanilla extract and many more. The perfect blend of coffee can be as smooth as you want it to be. Normal black coffee is found to be very low in its calorific value. So, if you are following a calorie deficit, coffee might be a fine choice for you. The anti-oxidant property of coffee is also attractive to many.

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