Everything You Need To Know About Overlaying A Video

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A video overlay is a video-on-video or a picture-in-picture effect. Such a technique is used for superimposing an image or animation over the other ones present in the background with cinematic looks. Such an image or animation placed on the top by a person usually ends up appearing at the lower end of the video screen. This technique for editing can be used by a person to create Calls To Action (CTAs) that can be clicked or different titles. Adding adobe premiere pro effects and adobe premiere pro transitions will indubitably change the way you look at a video. 

Apart from this, overlays for video editing can also help in creating a filter that assists it to be played over a particular video for added effects. They can additionally help in the creation of an atmosphere perfect for a video, making it seem creepy or nostalgic or romantic; all of this entirely depends on the overlay you plan to choose and incorporate.

How can you easily overlay a video? 

Any video editor can assist you to superimpose not one but several videos easily; it presents itself with after-effects templates, overlay effects, premiere pro templates, premiere pro effects, and other crucial tools that you might require in the process. To learn how to easily overlay a video, download overlay software and continue reading our guide below: 

  • Installation of a video overlay software 

Open the file downloaded by you and follow the instructions given on your screen to successfully install the overlay software on your device. 

  • Uploading media files 

Launching the video editor you installed previously, start by clicking add files and uploading all the videos you wish to work on. The selected files will transfer to the media bin as soon as you are done with this. Drag and drop the files over the timeline present in the bottom part of the programming window.

  • Creating video overlay 

Select the video you wish to have above on the background-clip, and then subsequently drag it above to a position near the video track. When you come across the overlay track, drop the video there. You will be able to see the foreground video on the preview screen, covering a wide area of the background video. You can also decide where and how you want the overlaid video positioned on the background video. 

With the drop-down list present above the preview screen, select any one of the options provided from cover, picture in picture, or side by side to apply premiere pro transitions. You can change the size, rotate, or move the video around the preview screen.

  • Saving the final video 

You are now required to click on the export button, select a destination, and select your preferred format of video from the tabs present on the left of the export window. Click start, and you are done with premiere pro video editing in no time.  

You can easily add overlays to make an exciting video, enhance the atmosphere of a video clip, or entirely amend them by adding a new layer. Making a professional-looking video recorded by you was never this easy with the virtually endless number of ways and cinematic effects after-effects to enrich and alter your videos; make a better version of your video clips now.


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