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Silverton is a beautiful little town in Colorado an American state. The place is famous for its beautiful hills and remote environment. It is located in the western part of the San Juan mountains. The town consists of great historical landmarks. One of them which holds great fame is “Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railroad” the railway was previously used for mine trains.

The town was previously a hotspot for silver and gold mining. However, after the panic of 1907 hit the united states of America, the mines closed down just like numerous other businesses did back then during the financial crisis. In 1992 the last ever mine in Silverton was closed down.

 The town consists of a real low population, according to the census of the year 2010, the count was as low as 637. Silverton colorado holds its nickname as baker’s park since it had a good number of mines. The town started off as a tourist site in 1913. People appertained to the town as “old west”.  Though, being a hilly region, Silverton has recorded one of the biggest storms. Winters are quite harsh on the tiny settlement. Hence, the city is only regarded as a tourist destination in the summers.


Motels are drive-in hotels for drivers or motorists. They are tiny hotel rooms with attached parking lots. The concept of motels rose to fame in the 1960s with the increase in car travel. motels are an excellent choice for a stay during a road trip. Tourists usually travel to Silverton by road since the region is situated in a remote area. There are plenty of options for a stay. We can find numerous motels around the town. Motels give us a more homely feeling than expensive hotels. Motels are known for their homely body and country design. Motels are generally located near the highways for easy travel. They are equipped with fuel stations for their customers and are placed in such a spot that they are surrounded by essential stores like car dealers, convenience stores, amusement parks, drive-through restaurants, etc. they are basically designed to be a one-stop drop. Silverton Colorado motel cost around 189$ per stay while the hotels cost around 235$ per stay. Staying at motels can help us save money as well as travel costs since most stores are located nearby to the motels themselves.

Benefits of staying in a motel:

  • They offer all the basic amenities and electronics for a cheaper price than hotels
  • Most of them are owned by families who provide us with a homely feeling, we feel less homesick
  • Free parking, generally hotels charge us for parking our vehicles but motels provide us with a free attached parking lot with the room.
  • Better Accessibility than hotels, motels are usually small and concise, so we don’t need to take elevators, stride through never-ending corridors, and a flight of stairs to reach the lobby.
  • Motels are unique, each of them differs from another in many aspects of décor, unlike huge hotels which seem to be the same inside out.


Silverton Colorado is a great place to visit. If the readers ever plan on a road trip to the serene city, motels are more advisable for stays. Longer hotel stays kinda ruin the essence of travel. Small cozy motels and long drives full of beautiful views are what make a vacation worth the travel. Despite the expenses, Silverton Colorado is a no disappointing vacation. A holiday is a must in our busy lives full of work and stress. A beautiful holiday to this tiny township might make your day.


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