Dreams, an answer, or a question?

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What are dreams? Some claim it to be passive imagination, some claim it to be just a universal biological phenomenon occurring in our brain, but some also claim it to be a message or a gesture from the subconscious. For we all know that the power of the subconscious is far greater than we can perceive it to be.

For centuries, people have made an effort on interpreting dreams. Dreams can be like one personal log into their spiritual journey. However, the same dream can be interpreted differently in different religions.

For example, a goat in a dream in Hinduism represents the knowledge you’ve collected over the years and it’s a sign that you’re ready for a new beginning in life with all aspects of security, comfort, support. However, the biblical meaning of goat in a dream symbolizes something different According to the Bible, goats are unfair, arrogant, and malicious creatures. Those who refuse to listen to God’s word because their nature makes them not to, according to the Bible, are goats. Therefore, it will all rely on the viewpoint of each individual.

Humans have had dreams with varied imagery in their sleep from the beginning of time. Interpretation of dream about goat attacking might be a positive indication, but it can also be a terrible sign in the dreamer’s life. As mentioned before, it’s all on perspective and how that dream makes you feel. If you get an ominous feeling, you should maybe look at it in that way, but if the same dream makes you feel uplifted, it is a sign so.

Here, below are some interesting interpretations of general dreams :

1. The triplets

The dream interpretation of triplets signifies the start of a new relationship. After all, babies are thought to represent new starts in life. Babies are often seen as a sign of a fresh start in dreams. Dreaming of triplets is a sign of professional achievement. A dream of holding triplets symbolizes the need to get serious in one’s life. If the triplets in the dream were identical, perseverance and deliberate activities are required. If you have a dream about triplets, it means you need hope to keep going with significant projects, but you also need to put in the required work to achieve.

2. Being shot dead

This dream meaning, being shot dead represents a heartache, betrayal, injustice, or the fact that you’re not particularly trustworthy of those around you, or that they’ve given you reasons not to.

3. Running from something

If you’re running away from someone in your dream, it’s because you’re trying to get away from something or someone in your everyday life. It might be a person, the past, or even yourself.


Various people have various dreams, and sometimes the same. Interpreting these dreams can be a tricky task. While a single dream can be interpreted in many ways, it all boils down to how it made the dreamer feel. That would steer one in the direction in which the dream is to be interpreted.


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