Cromwell Coffee Machines: One Stop Solution to Coffee Lovers

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Let’s face it: a good coffee when you wake up can start the day on the right foot. Although the espresso at the bar is indispensable for many, nothing beats the pleasure of enjoying its intense aroma comfortably at home. At first glance, coffee machines may not seem like very sophisticated devices, but there is nothing more wrong: especially for those looking for a model that does not simply make coffee, but a great coffee. Only the best models of the Cromwell Coffee Machines allow you to get the same result as at the bar.

How to Compare?

Coffee machines are compared based on the features offered, quality of drinks (with and without milk), ease of use, design, and cleaning. By taking into account, the advice of coffee connoisseurs analyzed the results of independent tests and user reviews. Suppose you want to know more and know all the secrets of a great coffee, the various methods of making coffee, and the essential characteristics of a quality coffee machine. Once you understand how to choose the best model, set it according to your preferences, and manage cleaning, you will get a perfect coffee in a few minutes. And this will make your day!

Do you think that no domestic coffee machine can come close to the espresso in the bar?

Be ready to change your mind because you come close. The automatic Cromwell Coffee Machines allows you to prepare as many as 21 coffee drinks thanks to the preset options, which you can save on up to 8 different user profiles. Its solid and elegant design satisfies the eye as much as its coffee meets the taste.

The TS Smart Barista offers five settings for grinding

The default one you will find when buying is the coarsest, and most coffee experts recommend changing it to the option for finer grinding, especially for a result that comes close to the espresso of the bar. The amount of the drink can be adjusted from 25 ml to 250 ml. The actual espresso should be 25 ml, and when this volume is selected, the results are excellent. Although the aroma of coffee is a little lighter than machines with a portafilter, it still has a pleasant and rich taste that preserves the beans’ scents and rich cream. The drink is prepared quickly, served at a temperature of 63 ° C and the coffee grinder works extraordinarily quietly without producing vibrations.

The challenge of foamed milk has also been won.

Most automatic coffee machines have difficulty producing homogeneous foam, but some excel in this respect. The foam is delicate and creamy and has a pleasant taste. Some find it slightly too firm compared to the manually mounted one, but overall, the results are impressive. The machine knows to add the ingredients, and the cappuccinos and milk-based drinks show up as expected. The milk container can be placed on both sides of the device, allowing you to better manage the kitchen space. The spout height is adjustable up to 14 cm to adapt even to the highest glasses and cups.


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